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Through her experience as an artist, businesswoman and teacher, Debra offers her clients a unique set of skills. When applying her artistic eye she is also aware of the importance of a good working relationship with her clients and managing time efficiently. While Debra will return to maintain a job, she has the skill and patience to show her clients how to maintain their space as they move through the organizing process together.

Debra practices the 3 Ps – Purge, Put Back and Purchase. Organizing without purging is putting clutter into containers – it is still clutter. After purging (discarding/recycling, donating) the kept items are put back. Her clients utilize their newly organized space for a few weeks to make sure the placement works. The purchasing of the appropriate containers is addressed only when the placement is definite. She buys what her clients need rather than buying first and returning later. She wants to be sure her clients are paying for time well spent.

Debra realizes there are no "cookie cutter" solutions. Each client is unique and so are the organizing solutions for them. One thing that does remain the same for every job is that Debra respects the fact that her clients are letting her into their lives in a very personal way.

"Organizing is a joint effort. It is important to me that at the end of our session my client feels the same satisfaction I do, and that their organizing experience was a positive one."