Company Slogan


"Debbie is the consummate professional. When I first met Debbie, she asked me if I would help her get more experience as a professional organizer. I was happy to help and I took her on as my apprentice for many months. We went on many jobs, some were easy and some were very difficult. As her mentor, I can honestly say that she had great organizational and interpersonal skills. Throughout the entire experience she interacted fabulously with my clients and really increased her organizing expertise along the way. I highly recommend Debbie for all your decluttering needs, she is wonderful."
   – Liz Maffucci, The Clutter Warrior

"Deb is a life saver and a life changer. She worked with me on two separate occasions. She created a functioning home office for me and helped me streamline my books and living space. My entire apartment is more livable and comfortable as a result.
Deb is very patient and diligent at organizing. She's got loads of common sense and rather than insisting that her clients spend a lot of money buying new things, she repurposes things that are already in your home for both practical and decorative purposes.
I would happily recommend Deb to anyone and I'm sure I will be using her services again at some point."
   – Susan Lewis, Brooklyn

"Magic Wand Organizing Services has enabled me to spend so much more time with my patients. My files, my notes and reports are easily found as well as my personal records and accounts. "More Organization = Less Stress" is what I pass on to everyone."
   – Julia Blanchard-Young, M.S., M.S.W., LCSW-R

"After months of thinking about getting someone to help me organize my important papers and other items I've accumulated over many years, I came across Debra Portnoy's ad. "Magic Wand, I thought, that's what I need, a Magic Wand!" I called Debbie and made an appointment. From the very first day I met her, Debbie was so professional. But more than that, I always felt during all her visits, very comfortable with her in my home. She would not rush me. I took time deciding what to save, throw away or donate.
I am so pleased with what she has helped me to accomplish so far and I will have more for her to do!
I recommend Debbie highly for anyone who needs a helping hand with organizing. She knows her profession very well and is also very understanding!"

   – Anita, Irvington, NY

"I had fears about letting a professional organizer into the privacy of my home but with Debbie they never materialized. Her personality and behavior gave me the freedom and initiative to ditch, donate and re-organize my kitchen, bedroom closet and walk-in hall closet. I was worried about my privacy but Debbie was respectful and never judged me. At times she strongly suggested but she never got pushy and we got along very well. I felt a real cleansing afterwards. Her contacts made the donations easy to do. I totally recommend Magic Wand Organizing Services."
   – Teresa, Yonkers, NY